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We Are Pioneers in Aerial Photography and Video, Providing the Greater San Antonio Area with the Absolute Best in Professional Drone Services

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Veteran Owned & Operated company providing South Texas and the Greater San Antonio Area with the absolute best in professional commercial drone services for Real Estate, Construction Sites, Land Mapping Surveys & 3D Models, Weddings & Events, Aerial Inspections, Golf Courses, and Many Other Applications! Let us create a beautiful and one of a kind view from above that is only available using the latest in drone photography & video technology. Let us fly for you and your next project.



McCubbin Aerial has come to be for one reason, passion for the art form, which only grows with each experience. There is so much more than just being a good pilot with a drone but seeing all of the creative angels in each shoot and being able to amplify and showcase those properties to the viewer. We have a background in technology & Real Estate, as well as years of experience as a photographer. What other profession could be a better fit? We view every listing or project from scratch, so we can develop a custom plan, just as unique as the project itself. We are one of the top Real Estate Aerial Photographers in South Texas. Come fly with us and get a whole new perspective from above and see just why we are the best!

Serving the greater San Antonio area. Using the newest technology we create amazing shots that help your listing stand apart. The difference is that we help to provide an immersive experience to the client. Making sure you are involved in the post production process, as we use Adobe suites line for color grading and Lightroom editing, thus giving you the best in aerial work. If you are providing epic videos for a listing, getting aerial construction reports, flying over a par 5 on the course, we can promise you with an unmatched experience.

Stunning high resolution aerial HDR photos surrounding the property from low to high elevations to truly showcase the unique features of that listing. All HDR images are professional color enhanced and edited to show quality perfection.

This is essential to getting top dollar for all Real Estate. Spectacular aerial videos shot in super 4k UHD. Unlike many others our video prices include superb color enhancing, sound track, voice-overs, your contact information, or customized to how we can better portray the project. This increases the potential for getting the sale on both ends and we handle all other post production in-house.


Our mission is to accommodate all project needs with quality service, fast turnaround, great rates, and high safety standard using the latest in technology for remote multi-rotor UAVs and UHD 4K cameras.

Drone Technology
State of the Art Equipment
Newest UAV Technology, 360 Degree Radar Sensors, Highest Resolution Cameras,
Bonded & Flight Insurance, and utilize Weather apps.
Aerial Photos & Videos
HDR & 4K UHD Formats
Aerial Media
Photos in brilliant color enhanced & edited HDR, Videos are shot in 4K UHD up to 120 fps, as well as color graded and professionally edited. The absolute best in aerial work.
We use HDR format which take several shots at different exposures to enhance all colors for a vibrant look. We color correct and grade all 4k videos to provide the best professional results.
Time Saving
Licensed Pilot
Risk Avoidance

Why work with us for drone services?


Why work with us? We provide professional results and stand 100% behind our work, as a result we are offering a guarantee on every project. We are bonded and therefore, insured for up to $1 million on every flight, use 360 degree radar sensors, are licensed directly by the FAA, follow all FAA guidelines and flight restrictions, and always keep safety in mind. In conclusion, we have years of experience in photography, digital media and editing, and many hundreds of hours of flight time. In other words, that is why we are one of the best aerial drone services in all of south Texas!


We Cover a Wide Array of Industries

Residential Real Estate

Showcase any property in beautiful HDR stills or in 4K UHD video. Soar over nearby community amenities or fly through with an HD indoor video tour.

  • Community Amenities
  • Neighborhood Fly-Overs
  • Virtual Property Tour
  • Beautiful HDR Photos
  • Dynamic UHD 4k Videos
  • Property Infomercials

Commercial Real Estate

Provide investors or clients with epic views of the property or retail store plaza. Even fly like a bird throughout the interior of a large commercial building.

  • Retail Centers
  • Shopping Plazas
  • Government Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Warehouses

Construction Sites & Progress Reports

Why go to the job site, when you can get detailed aerial progress reports on your construction site. See how we can improve efficiency & costs.

  • Daily to Weekly Reports
  • Full Site Coverage
  • Plan Storage and Routes
  • Reduce Costs & Personnel
  • Hyperlapse Time Videos
  • Investor Ready Reports

Land Mapping, Surveys, & 3D Models

See just how amazing these UAVs have become. Providing Ortho maps, large acreage mapping, Thermal & 3D modeling. See photos with all of your data and labels embedded.

  • Orthomosaic Maps
  • DSM Maps
  • 3D Models of Terrain & Buildings
  • Infrared Mapping
  • Agriculture Mapping and Crop Readouts
  • Precise Measurements and Overlays

Golf Courses

What else is more perfect than an aerial shot of some of our country’s best courses. 4K UHD video footage of the whole course or from tee to pin of your favorite hole.

  • Whole Course Coverage
  • Per Hole Shots or Video
  • From Tee to Hole Tours
  • Highlight Feature Holes
  • Country Club Aerial Coverage
  • Golfing Tours & Events

Roofing & Aerial Inspections

With technology we allow for new uses and most importantly safety & costs. Applications for roofing, landscaping, cell towers, power lines, piping, and more.

  • Roofing with Software Measuring
  • Cell Towers
  • Manmade Structures
  • Oil & Pipeline Inspections
  • Landscaping
  • Power Lines

Events, Festivals, & Weddings

Our sophisticated drones allow us to get coverage of any event with safety in mind. We fly with drone insurance in upto $1 million per flight. Let us soar over your corporate event, wedding, product or agency commercial and more…

  • Corporate Events
  • Wedding Aerial Photography & Video
  • Marathons & Sporting Events
  • Music Festivals
  • Maritime Events
  • Product or Agency Commercials
Professional Editing

For editing we use the Adobe Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere, and many more to give everything from 360 degree views to infrared mapping.


Using the latest in drone technology such as air space applications, 360 radar, and a spotter. We provide projects with the utmost in safety.

Downloadable Media

We make it easy for you to get your media. We provide links via our secure server for you to download the edited photos and videos directly.


Ready To Get Started With Aerial Photography?

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We process the images & footage, then within days you are able to download them directly.


We make it EASY to reserve your flight appointment online with just a few clicks.

We want to make things easy on our clients. To book a flight with one of our licensed pilots just click here on the calendar. There is no need to pay upfront and we will email you with a confirmation of the time and date. Pretty simple, right? We are here for you and to provide the best in aerial drone services.

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