Common Questions About Aerial Photography & Appointments

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to our drone services. To include booking questions, editing, cancellations and weather rescheduling among others. If you cannot find the answer below, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Highly-Trained Staff

All pilots are licensed by the FAA as 107 Remote UAV Pilots. Together we total hundreds of flight hours as a team.

Affordable Prices

Even with our experience we offer prices that allow us to complete even more projects to provide the best for our clients.

Quick & Efficient

Unlike competitors we offer faster turn times for edited media. Bookings as soon as 24-48 hours via our site. We are here for you.

We prefer that you allow us ample time to research the property, project, or airspace prior. However, we are here for you and if you need a rush order 24-48 hours for an appointment is the soonest we can get everything done for you.

No, you do not need to pay when you book. We have set up the options to pay in advance or pay either in-person or via our site the day of appointment. We can accept many different forms of payments on-site or online using a highly secure server.

Unfortunately we cannot control the weather. However, we understand Texas weather especially is ever-changing. We will use forecasts to predict the best date if it looks like ill weather will be on that date. If on-site bad weather takes over, we will just move our shoot to a better day, with zero additional costs or delays.

We do not require the owner or agent to be there the day of the shoot but if we are doing interior or locked exterior work will need access to those areas. We understand the schedules of people in this industry and will work with you however we can. It would be beneficial to have someone there to ensure we get exactly what the client wants as they know more about the property or project. Also, we always like to show or share our work and process with this amazing technology.

Depending on the type of work we will be doing. We will send you a custom checklist, that will help make sure we have perfect photos & videos while the property is looking its best. Also, if it will be unattended at the time of the flight, we will need access to the required areas. We will always be available during the booking to go over details, issues, or ideas with our clients, this is an art first, and we appreciate input on the overall vision.

We have an online cloud server that will hold all of your photos & videos in a secure folder. We will email you when they are uploaded and a PDF with clear instructions on how to select which photos, videos, or panoramic you would like to move into post-production editing. You will also be able to download or view the final edits from this secure server as well.

Here is where the “magic” happens. It is said that 65% of digital photography is done in post-production or editing. We shoot in HDR (High Dynamic Range), using 5 photos shot at once in milliseconds apart on a single target at different exposures to pull the best data from each one and merge into a beautiful finished product. Videos are shot in 4K and depending on the package are then added with title screens, in video text, agent and property info, added B-roll, or we can out-source to either male or female actors for a voice-over for a small extra cost. Think of this as a commercial showing and engaging the viewer in a unique and informative display. As for mapping & construction work, we will had measurements, shaping, Ortho maps, stock piles, etc. to ensure you get all the data you need.

We are very good at what we do and haven’t had an issues to date. However, being that the client comes first. If there are any issues with the final work, such as missed angles, un-shot areas, etc. We will come back free of charge and re-shoot until you are 100% satisfied. If for any reason, this does not work, we offer a full refund. Do not worry, you are in good hands.


Don't hesitate to send us a message use the automated form below so we may answer any of your questions. Thank you.

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Why should we be your top choice? Simple. We love what we do and that passion flows into our work. We treat every project as an new unique experience and carry that over into our work. This helps to showcase the unique and amazing aspects of your property or project. Experience and love for the craft help to make us one of the best.

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